In school educational supportive services that assists teachers, administration, staff, students,and parents.   Solace provides supportive services on campus.  

The Solace Project fills a gap within the educational system that bring needed supportive services to overloaded teachers, counselors, and administrators.

The Solace Project brings awareness of at-risk behavior through a supportive comprehensive system within the educational system with education Intervention. 

Students get needed academic assistance that helps students to recognize the task and gears students to deal with their current circumstances while supporting  academic goals.

The purpose is to bring awareness of at risk behavior that can lead to criminal activity.  

Family and Domestic violence awareness.

The Solace Project helps McKinney Vinto students and their families not to go without food. 

Awareness is brought to students and their family through educational literature,

The Solace Project brings supportive services to campus social workers and counselors. 

The Solace Project is positioned within the school system to assist students, teachers, counslors, and administrators with students who act out their frustrations and aggressions distracting teachers and classmates.  

The Solace Project brings educational intervention  for students who cause classroom disruptions, displays aggressive behaviors, drug or emotional abuse,  drop out rates, juvenile rates, recidivism rates, and to intervene student suicide.

The Solace Project                     

We are raising money for productions once this is achieved we will be able to provide services.  We appreciate your donations. 

Help Make Our Classrooms Safe