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The founder was in a difficult marriage for almost 35 years after being raised by a difficult but after being raised with a father associated with the Italian mafia violence or abuse was normal.  As the years went bye the terrorism and violence increased to the point of her fearing for her life.  This was a sure case of domestic violence and fear for her life was a reality.    

Now she brings awareness of domestic and family violence to students and their famlies.  Educating them about reality of domestic violence and at risk behavior.  Being a teacher she saw similar behavioral characteristics in at risk students as her son displayed.  She developed a program that will assist school districts and other state and local agencies.  

She home schooled her children has been in education for almost 30 years.  Has multiple degrees that started out with Cosmetology License that is current, Diploma in Health Information, Associates in Business Administration, A Bachelor of Science in Sociolgy, 58 Graduate Credit Hours in Psychology and Education. 

Dallas Texas Location

Right now we are a virtual location please communicate with us through email and we will respond back within 48 hours.  Once funds are raised for operations location will be in the Dallas County, Texas region.