The Solace Project                       Save A Student and their Family

Save a Student Save a Family

Educational and Supportive Services For local school.  

The founder is an educator who is a survivor of domestic and family violence and understands the impact that enviornment has upon student academic success.   



                                                  Empowering students and families

Purpose/Scope:    Supportive services for local schools supporting teachers, administrators, and counselors with at risk students and McKinney Vento students and their families.  

Educational Supportive Services:  Solace works on campus providing educational supportive services for administration working with McKinney Vento students and their families or at risk students and their families. 

Social Services: Solace provides supportive services for teachers, administrators, campus social workers,and campus counselors. 

Educational Goals: Academic support toward academic readiness while addressing social behaviorial skills and awareness of at risk behavior and domestic/family violence. 

Our focus is to bring community awareness of family and domestic violence through education.  We are a nonprofit education intervention supportive services for local schools..  

 Achieving Excellence 


education Intervention

At Risk Behavior Awareness  

We are raising funds for operations and appreciate your donations.